Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Effortless Japanese Lesson, Taro's story2

← Kurage くらげ Jellies fish

Todays Story2 Podcast.

Kurage ga imasu.
くらげ が います。
(There is a Jellies fish. )  
Kurage no namae wa Ayumi-chan desu.
くらげ の なまえ は あゆみちゃん です。
(The Jellies fish's name is Ayumi.)
Ayumi chan wa itumo Oyoide imasu. 
あゆみーちゃんは いつも およいで います。
(Ayumi are swimming all the time)
Kyou mo umi de oyoide imsu. 
きょう も うみ で およいで います。
(Today also swim in the sea.)
Ayumi-chan wa totemo kawaii desu.
あゆみちゃん は とても かわいい です
(Ayumi is very cute. :)


Kurage クラゲ ...  Jellies fish
itumo いつも ..... always, all the time
Oyoide  泳(およ)いで .....  swim
umi 海(うみ) ..... Sea, Ocean
Kyou 今日(きょう).... Today
Kawaii かわいい .... cute, pretty
Totemo とても ... Very

★ Question word

Nan desu ka? なん です か?
(What is it/that? )
Nani wo shite imasu ka?  なに を しています か?
(What do/does you/she,he do?)

Nani.... What なに

Grammar (Just read it, but you dont need to think about it)

Kyou mo .....shite imasu.

This "mo" means off course today too. She is swimming all the time,off course today too.

This is Text for Podcast.

Please listen Many times and Enjoy learning Japanese with Story!

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