Sunday, August 9, 2009

Free Japanese Lesson "Hana"

Hana ga arimasu

Kireina Hana きれいな はな
Kireina Yuri  きれいな ゆり
Kireina Bara  きれいな ばら
きれいな ばら と ゆり が あります。

Kireina きれいな= beautiful
Hana はな(花) = Flower
Yuri ゆり(ユリ、百合)= lily
Bara ばら(バラ、薔薇)= Rose
A to B AとB  = A and B

My Podcast Hana ga arimasu
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Grammar (Just read it, but you dont need to think about it)
  • Arimasu - refers to the existence of inanimate objects (including plants, which don't move about)
  • Imasu - refers to the existence of animate objects.

Have a beautiful moment in your life. Get flower and feel it. :)
We are always connect with nature.



redli0n82 said...

what does Kireina mean?

Tomoe said...
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Tomoe said...

Sorry Kireina means Beautiful. :)
Thank you for your comment. :)

ppminhphung said...

I think you're trying to make your blog famous. I know the feeling. So I hope your wish will soon become true. But you know, everything happens has its reason, let try hard and I will support you, tell me anything I can do for you. To be honest, I want to help you and hehe, I want you to help me learn Japanese. I hope to see you soon.
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Tomoe said...

Hi Ppminhphung. Thank you for your comment again. :) Im very impressed with you.I just want to reach peoples who struggle learning Japanese.:)
I hope you are enjoy my Lessons. Thank you.


Thanks Tomoe for your Lesson !!!

^_^ ^^v ArIgAtoO GoZaImAsU