Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funny Japanese Lesson.

Hi,How are you doing?

Have you listen my podcast?

I made a video with AJ today. Its very funny.Please listen my podcast and after that watch this one. Thank you guys. Arigatou. :)ありがとう!

Okii おおきい、おおきな Big
Chiisai ちいさい、ちいさな Small

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Effortless Japanese Podcast

Effortless Japanese Podcast
I made Podcast with AJ.
Please listen this and give me a comment. :)
Thank you. Arigatou. ありがとう。


Text テキスト-----------------------------------------------------------
Saru ga imasu. さる が います
saru no namae wa(ha) Tarou desu. さる の なまえ は たろう です。

English :
There is a monkey. The monkey's name is Tarou.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hiragana and katakana

Hi How are you doing? こんにちは、おげんきですか?
Id like to focus on spoken Japanese but written Japanese"Hiragana" is very easy.
So if you have a time,use and practice it.

ひらがな は とても かんたん ですよ! :)


では、またね。Love you!

Free Japanese Lesson video "Yutkuri"

Hi Im Tomoe. Konnitiwa Tomoe desu.  こんにちは ともえ です。
Todays Lesson is "Yutkuri"(=Yukkuri). kyo no Lesson wa yutkuri(yukkuri) desu.
きょう の レッスン は ゆっくりです。

Yutkuri(yukkuri) Aruite!
Yutkuri (yukkuri) tomatte!
Yutkuri(yukkuri) suwatte!

I will make Podcast soon. :)

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Japanese Lesson " Aruite and Tomatte"

Hi How are you doing? おげんき ですか? Ogenki desu ka?
Its very lovely day in SF. サンフランシスコはとてもいいてんきです。Totemo ii tenki desu.

Let's start Japanese Lesson!
Todays Lesson is " Aruite and Tomatte" with TPR.

Just follow me and do same command. :) And practice many times.

Have a wonderful day.


Im very appreciate if you leave a comment on the Blog or Youtube. Thank you. ARIGATOU.ありがとう!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Japanese Lesson " stand up & sit down" with TPRS

Please watch this video and do with us. Just follow my command and use your body.:) Enjoy with learning! I Love you.

Im very appreciate if you leave a comment on the Blog or Youtube. Thank you. ARIGATOU.ありがとう!

Effortless Japanese

Hi how are you doing?

I just finished the TPRS National Conference.It was fantastic! :)
I start to teach Japanese again.

Effortless Japanese use "Effortless language system" and TPRS.

いっしょに にほんごを べんきょうしましょう!
とっても たのしい ですよ!