Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Teach you Japanese in Osaka

Hi How are you doing? こんにちは!おげんきですか?

I'm go back to Osaka from Jan to Feb 2009. 
If you want to learn Japanese in Osaka city,give me Email :
I can manage intensive Japanese class using TPRS.

And I also very happy to meet teacher who teach English, Japanese...etc.
We can share teaching idea and teaching experience in Osaka.

Please give me Emil!! :)
Email :

Have a great day.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hi I'm Tomoe. :) How are you doing? こんにちは!

TPRS is amazing method to learn languages. :)
I wanted to use this and teach Japanese long time.

This is the time!!
I will teach you Japanese with TPRS and also use our method Effortless system.
Effortless system is I and AJ are developing.
We are still looking forward to getting great idea of learning languages for learners.
Its never ending. ;) So that its very fun and exciting!

Im so exciting about finally I got into this project.
And Thanks all supporting me and encouraging me to do that.
Thanks Blain Ray!

Enjoy learning Japanese. :)

See you soon!