Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kodama CM by AC Japan

Asobou tte iuto Asobou tte iu.
Baka tte iuto baka tte iu.
Mouasobanai tte iuto Asobanai tteiu.
Soshite, atode samishikunatte, Gomenne tte iu to Gomenne tte iu.
Kodamadeshou ka, Iie daredemo

Yasashiku hanashikakereba,yasashiku aite mo kotaetekureru :)

Kodama こだま echo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Donate to Earthquake and Tunami in Japan

Hi All.

I appreciate lot of people pray for Japan.Thank you so much.

It really HUGE earthquake(Magnitude 9)hit Japan and lot of people die,going to die and need help.
I read news over 10000 people missing...and die over 1700 people now...
Please make a small action to help them! THEY NEED HELP!!!

Here is some donation site. http://members.canpan.info/kikin/
1000yan is around $12(US)
You can donate from 1000yan~ and can use credit card(sorry only VISA card).
This is the Nippon Foundation,so I think we can trust them and directly go to people need to help.

英語 http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nhk-world-tv#utm_campaign=fupcoming&utm_source=3&utm_medium=news-breaking-news
日本語 https://canpan.info/open/news/0000006465/news_detail.html
日本語ライブニュース www.ustream.tv

I donated today...sent my hart with money.
Because I cant do anything for them here.

Thank you again and Love you all.


Live Videos by Ustream