Sunday, March 13, 2011

Donate to Earthquake and Tunami in Japan

Hi All.

I appreciate lot of people pray for Japan.Thank you so much.

It really HUGE earthquake(Magnitude 9)hit Japan and lot of people die,going to die and need help.
I read news over 10000 people missing...and die over 1700 people now...
Please make a small action to help them! THEY NEED HELP!!!

Here is some donation site.
1000yan is around $12(US)
You can donate from 1000yan~ and can use credit card(sorry only VISA card).
This is the Nippon Foundation,so I think we can trust them and directly go to people need to help.


I donated today...sent my hart with money.
Because I cant do anything for them here.

Thank you again and Love you all.


Live Videos by Ustream

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