Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Effortless Japanese Podcast

Effortless Japanese Podcast
I made Podcast with AJ.
Please listen this and give me a comment. :)
Thank you. Arigatou. ありがとう。


Text テキスト-----------------------------------------------------------
Saru ga imasu. さる が います
saru no namae wa(ha) Tarou desu. さる の なまえ は たろう です。

English :
There is a monkey. The monkey's name is Tarou.


ppminhphung said...

Hi, My name's Dang Minh Phung and I'm a Vietnamese. Yeah, I have been learning Japanese for 1 year at University. But u know, I'm not good at all. Now, I don't understand much Japanese. I'm learning English as well. And I follow AJ method plus Antimoon and Khatzumoto. I really want to make a relationship with you. My email is If u don't mind, contact me. I think we have much thing to tell each other.

Tomoe said...


Thank you for your comment. I cant contact as personal. Sorry about that. But we can contact on Facebook or this Blog. Thank you for your supporting. :) Good Luck with your learning Japanese.


Konbanwa Tomoe , Im Lina (Sanae)

Arigatoo Tomoe !! I still Reading and listening your MP3,
you know that Romaji, is so easy to Read!!! but maybe writing, Haragana or Katakana !! I dont have any idea about **
but please I hava question?? which most usefel Hiragana or KAtakana?

duong said...

hi.I'm Duong,I'm Vietnamese.Very nice to talk to you.Uhm,I have been learning Japanese for 1 year,I really enjoy it,but now I am very sad because I can't speak Japanese fluently,I just learn grammar rules all day in university.Actually,i have been learning Pimsluer's Japanese by my self a bit.Now,I am more happy to follow your method.However,I still feel a little bit difficult when I listen,because it has so much new words that i can not remember all of, can you recommend some easy listening materials so that i can easily catch up? I hope that after learning Japanese by your method,i can improve faster and faster.And maybe some day,i will have a chance to travel to Japan and learn more.Thank you so much:))

Tomoe said...

Hi Duong.

Thank you for your comment.:)
Im sorry That I couldnt find some easy listening materials which I recommend...
But I want to make more easy Lesson in the future.
Thank you you like Effortless method.

Have a Happy day! :)
Love you,

Lương Giang said...

hello, i'm Giang. I don't know anything about japanese, so can i use this method? if not, what i have to learn to use this method. my email:

Tomoe Ichikawa said...

Hi Lương Giang.

My Effortless Japanese(this Blog) for from High beginners,But I have a zero beginner's Lesson set for selling:

If you are interested...


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, Hi Tome I am Vietnamese also. My name is Philip.
I had passed the program for learning Japanese course about 15 months then have the chance to come to Japan for working but I rejected it "because at this time I have just graduated and I don't really know what exactly I want to do for my life/feature". After that I re-thinking myself and I felt really regret this opportunity.
I registered the Japanese course last month at center language with the easiest level of Japanese and the class will be opened next week "may be". I have been applied the "Effort English of AJ Hoge" for more than one year and it is really effective to me.
Surfing on the internet and then found out this program. I was really happy.
- My question : do I have to pay for the lessons.? If it is not, where can I get all of the lessons for free.
- Do you know any Web-site help for Beginning learner, could yo help to send it to me. Thank you so much.
Please send to my E-mail address