Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TPR Japanese Lesson


How are you doing? Ogenki desu ka?

We finished TPRS conference in Texas and Tony Robbins seminar in San Jose. :)

Ive learned lot of things from these.
About TPRS, I realize Whats a fun to learning language! and TPRS is best method of learning Languages. :)
If you want to get more information, please check Blaine Ray's web page : http://www.blaineraytprs.com/

And Tony Robbins,I think lot of people knows him. He is absolutely Outstanding. He ROCK!

I made a Japanese Lesson with TPR.
Tabete! means Eat!
And I use 2 words " "Cheeseburger" and" Chocolate".
These familiar words sounds different English and Japanese. :)
But its easy to understand and pronounce.

I hope you like it and Enjoy my Lesson.

OK, Have a wonderful day.
Live with Passion!! ;)


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