Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to learn Japanese with Effortless Japanese

Konichiwa. こんにちは。

Ogenki desuka?  おげんき ですか?
Watashi wa totemo genkidesu. わたしは とても げんきです。

AJ helped me to make a video "How to learn Japanese with Effortless Japanese" in English. :)
Please watch the Video and understand How to use my Lessons. :)

You know we don't translate much in English in the Lessons.
Because translation makes you think about grammar and English words in your brain.
My lessons are focused on SPEAKING automatically. :)

I do translate in English in the Text, so you can read and find the meaning in the Text.

Please listen many times and answer my questions. :)
Maybe its difficult the first time but you will get used to answering the questions.
I hope you are enjoying learning Japanese with Effortless Japanese. :)
Have a happy day.


P.S Sorry I didnt talk in the Video,next time I will ... :)


Tess said...

I am absolutely loving these lessons. They are FORCING me to think and speak in Japanese. Hearing the same things (with slight variations) over and over makes the words and phrases really sink in. The language is simple to understand, and your pronunciation is very clear. Thankyou so much for these "Taro" stories.I'm looking forward to hearing the remainder of the "stories" on your blog. Tess

Tomoe said...

Thank you Tess.
Im so Happy to hear that.