Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Effortless Japanese Podcast Lesson :) Tarou's story1

Konnichiwa ! Ogenki desu ka?
Hi How are you doing?

Are you having happy day?

I made a Lesson of Taro's story for Podcast. :)

Text :
Itpiki no saru ga imasu. ( There is a monkey)
Saru no namae wa Tarou desu. (The monkey's name is Tarou.)
Tarou wa ao iro desu. (Taro is blue color.)
Tarou wa totemo ureshii desu. :) (Tarou is very happy)
This Lesson is only Japanese (just few words use English) :)
Kono Lesson wa Nihongo nomi desu.

Taro is very cute monkey like this picture!!

Have fun!!

I will talk more Taro's story soon! ;)


Derals Marthen said...

I don't understand what's Itpiki in the story :/

Tomoe Ichikawa said...

Itpiki no Saru means one monky(a monky).Itpiki(Ippki)is the counter for small animals.

Itpiki no Neko means one cat(a cat).
Itpiki no Inu is one dog(a dog).
Thank you for your comments.

Derals Marthen said...

Wow, NEver thought you'd answer me back! hahaha
Thank you so much!
I think you are doing a great job with your lessons. I am already a fan of AJ and I've also been learning a lot from you!


Anonymous said...

Posting a story in Japanese and English is simply translation-based learning and goes against what TPR-based learning is trying to achieve. Please follow what Asher, the TPR god, says.

Tomoe Ichikawa said...

Hi Anonymouse Im sorry I dont use TPR so much and I more focus on TPRS.
If you dont like you dont follow my Japanese Lesson.
I do know TPR,but Im not Asher. Sorry!

Claire Lamoureux said...

What does "wa" mean exactly

Trần Huy said...

sorry, i start learn japanese buy your system but i don't know what is question, how to answer it.
can you give me full text of this lesson, question and answer.
thank you so much
my email:

Tomoe Ichikawa said...

Effortless Japanese is not for Beginner.
You mean You bought my Learn Real Japanese Lesson?
There is the Text (question and answer)!

This is the only I sell my Lesson.

Thank You.