Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free Effortless Japanese Lesson, Taro's story 7

Ijiwaru AJ wa iimashita.
いじわる AJ  は いいました。
(Ornery AJ said)

「Ayumi-chan wa watashi ga sukidesu.Kanojo wa Taro(anata) ga sukijyanaidesu.」
「あゆみちゃん は わたし が すきです。かのじょ は たろう(あなた) が すきじゃないです。」(Ayumi likes me. She doent like Taro(you).)

Taro wa mata nakimashita.
たろう は また なきました。
(Taro cried again.)

Shikashi, kare wa tuyokunarou to omoimashita.
しかし、かれ は つよくなろう と おもいました。
(But he wanted to be strong. )

Soshite Tai ni kitkubokushingu wo benkyoushini ikimashita.
そして タイ に キックボクシング を べんきょう しに いきました。
(And (he) went to Thailand to study Kick boxing.)

Kanojyo  かのじょ= She
Mata また= again
Shikashi しかし = But,however,
Tai タイ= Thailand
kitkubokushingu キックボクシング = Kick boxing
benkyou べんきょう= Study
benkyoushini べんきょうしに = to study,

☆Grammar and Words in the Questions☆☆
...... tuyoku(=Strong) narou(be) to omoimashita(wanted) . (wanted to be strong)

......benkyou(=study) shini / benkyou suru tame ni (to study, for study)

Tuyoi(= Strong)  ⇔  Yowai (=week)   
Tuyoi (= Strong) ⇔  Tuyoku nai,Tuyoku arimasen (= doent/dont Strong)
Yowai (=week) ⇔  Yowaku nai/Yowaku arimasen 

Q : Naze Taro wa tuyokunarou to omoimahita ka? (Why does Taro want to be strong?)
A : Ayumi-chan wa tuyoi hito ga suki dakara desu. ( Ayumi likes a strong man.)
hito= person,a man

Q: Taro wa itumo naiteimasu ka?
A: Taro wa itumo naiteimasu. (Taro cry all the time)

Naiteimasu (is/are crying)
Nakimasita ( Cried)

Q: Naze ayumi-chan wa AJ ga suki desuka? (Why does Ayumi like AJ?)
A: AJ ga tuyoi kara desu. (Because AJ is strong)

Q: Naze Taro wa Tai ni ikimashita ka? (Why did Taro go to Thailand? )
A: kitkubokushingu wo benkyoushini ikimashita. (For study of Kick boxing)

Q:Taro wa dokoni ikimashita ka? (where did Taro go?)
A:Taro wa Thailand he/ni ikimashita. (Taro want to Thailand.) ikimasu (= go ....(place) ) ikimashita (=went to .....(place))

★Important Question words★
Where = Doko どこ
Who = Dare だれ
What = Nani なに
Why = Naze なぜ
 EX) Naze......desu ka? (Why.....?)
  ........da kara desu. (Because......)

Hi how are you doing?
I think this Podcast little bit difficult for Zero beginners...But just listen and used to Japanese. :)
I think Story is very simple. :)

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sanae said...

wao, Arigatoo Tomoe !!, You are my Teacher japanese, and A.J my Teacher English, !! I always reading your news!!, I so interested in this language "English and Japanese", I have searched many ways to learn it, but Nothing ><;, Till my Old sister show me the way to your Famous Web-site !! All Students know it !!
< Watashiwa Lina : Domo Arigatoo Gozaimasu>


Thank you Tomoi !! Arigatooo !!

Sincerly Sanae

Tomoe said...

Thank you Lina. Im so happy that I got comments.!! :) I thought nobody interesting my Blog.;) I hope you are enjoy Effortless Japanese and English. Thank you again.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Tomoe,
I'm very excited of your audios. They're really amazing for learning Japanese. Hope you keep working on that.
I have a small question while learning Taro's story 7: when do I use タイ に いきました, and タイ へ いきました ?

Thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

thankyou for these lessons

lionbaby said...

Thank you for these lessons. I am brushing up on my japanese at work :)