Thursday, September 10, 2009

Im doing Tony Robbins semina. :)

Hi all.

Im doing Tony Robbins seminar named Wealth Mastery & Life Mastery near by LA. :)
Its amazing!! I did apply Leadership Mastery today. Because of Mastery University will be finish tomorrow. ;) Ive having great beautiful experience of his seminar.
Id like to keep momentum.

I walked on wire. The orange shirt is ME!!!!

Chiisai Oranji shirt ga watashi desu. (The Small orange shirt is me!)
ちいさい オレンジ シャツ が わたし です。  

Im going to next other Seminar in SF.
Next is Business seminar! So I have been at seminar for 2weeks.
I will make lesson when I will go time. :)

Mata ne! またね!
Itumo Arigatou! いつも ありがとう。

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