Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"I Love you" in Japanese

Ogenki desuka? おげんき ですか? ( Hi, How are you doing?)

Watashi wa genki desu. :) わたし は げんき です (I'm fine.)

Today I talk about How to say " I Love you" in Japanese.
Many people already knows or very curious about it. :D

I Love you is Aishite imasu あいしています / Aishiteruあいしてる/Aishiteru yo あいしてるよ/Aishiteru wa あいしてるわ.

A man use more Aishiteru.
Female use Aishiteru wa more.

If you want to propose to women,you said Aishiteimasu. I think Aishiteimasu is feeling more formal. :)
But Japanese people don't say "I Love you " as often as American.
I think American people say it everyday and all the time to every body if you want. :)

I think traditional Japanese? was more shy,so a man doesn't say I Love you to women so much.
Before a man say Aishiteimasu means very serious with the women. :)

Now young people use more openly. :) I heard some people say "I Love you" in English in Japan.
I think its from influenced by American culture.
And people use I Love you in Japanese have deep meaning,so avoid to use or just use important situations.:)

But Japanese people use Suki desu (=like) a lot.
Sukidesu すきです/ Suki da すきだ/Suki dayoすきだよ/Suki yo すきよ/ means Like.
A man use more Suki da/Suki dayo
Women likes Sukidesu/Suki yo
Osaka-ben(Kansai/Osaka dialect) Suki yanen. :)

Anata wo totemo Aishiteimasu /Aishiteru. (I Love you so much.)

Have a great day.
Aishiteimasu. :) I Love you guys!


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Jac the Neko said...

=D Wow, that helped alot!
I was trying to figure out which way to say "I love you" because there's so many ways to say it! Thank you!

Tomoe said...

Ya,Sometimes its difficult to figure out Which way to say. I Love you.I like you...etc. I hoe you are enjoy learning Japanese. :)
Thank you for your comment too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining the cultural aspects of this. It was very helpful.

Tomoe said...

Comment Arigatou. Thank you for your comment. :)

Dan from the UK said...

added to bookmarks!

Thats amazing. . . The whole language is soo facinating to me it sounds right if you know what i mean, and would love to someday be ale to speak it fluently.

But i was wondering if you could give me some advice, basicly im 19 and for the last 2-3 years ive dreamed of going to japan and only recently decided i would like to mayb move there someday but in the mean time was going to go for a few weeks to see if its all i expected.

Here is where you come in if u can help that is, do you know if there is any chance of someone like me being able to work out in japan?

Any other advice you can give to me would be much apretiated c:

if you could email me back that way i can keep all the usefullness :D

Dan from the UK said...

oh and how id even begin to look for work too

Tomoe said...

Hi Dan. Thank you for your comment.
I met a guy from Germany yesterday,he uses working holiday program.

I recommend you to visit Japan first and lets see what you feel...really you feel like Japan pr,you can try! :)
Good Luck with everything.

Tyler said...

Ken Cannon actually made a video about this which I thought explained it very well...