Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Japan

Konnichiwa Merry Christmas!!
Kyou wa Nihon no Chrismas wo sukoshi shoukai shimasu. :)

Eigo de kakitemimashita.
Merry Christmas all!!!:)

Id like to tell you about Christmas in Japan. :)
About Christmas in Japan, I think most Japanese isn't a Christian.

Its one of the event for couples,they go out wonderful restaurant for dinner.
They enjoy dating and share romantic time with partner.
They buy a wonderful gift for partner and share Love. :)
We dont know so much about what is Christmas exactly...,but most people have a wonderful memory of this event.
So young people wants to spend a Christmas with partner who share special Love. :)

If you dont have a partner(boyfriend or girlfriend) at the time,usually spend a time with friends and family.Enjoy the event.
We will eat Yummy Christmas Cake and Turkey.

One of great things for Christmas. Its the day for kids. :)
I was kids,I was always looking forward to coming this special day.
Because Santa Claus is bring present for all kids! :)
I think its more common all over the world now. ;)

I think its wonderful event for sharing Love and exchange a Gift with other.

I hope you are having a Happy Christmas!
Thank you for such a wonderful you are.
Love you all.


This is a famous Christmas song in Japan! :)

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