Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sazae san サザエさん


Kyou wa Sazae-san wo Shoukai shimasu. :)
今日(きょう)はサザエさんを紹介(しょうかい)します! :)

Minasan gozonji desu ka?

Nihon no Furuki yoki? kazoku kankei ga egakarete imasu.

( Egakarete imasu 描(えが)かれています = Kakarete imasu 書(か)かれています。)

★Ka san nimo shitpai ari 母(かあ)さんにも失敗(しっぱい)あり

笑(わら)ったら laughing 笑ったらダメ Warattara dame. Don't laughing!
洗(あら)ったら washing

Live with passion! Love you. :)


Taamaash said...

Hi Tomoe!

I'm also a member of EE forum and learning EE and like the system. I'm interested in EJ (effortless japanese) but there is a little problem.

To start to learn any Effortless languages we need to have some basic knowing of the language. Neither the EE can be learnt without any English basic skills.

My question: How can anyone learn EJ if he never learnt any Japanese and don't understand a word on this page? Can it be done without basics or is this recommended for intermediate or advanced learners? Are there all of explanations and sentences written down in English to understand the basic Japanese sentences?

Can we order (or is that at all) test-lesson? Is that possible?

Waiting for your answer.

Regards, Taamaash

Tomoe said...

Hi Taamaash,

Thank you for your comment. :)
Unfortunately, I dont make Japanese Lesson for selling.
I just want to help students who learn Japanese.
My Podcast is for intermediate or advanced students...

But I and AJ wants to make beginners Lesson in English and Japanese.

So I will make Japanese beginners Lesson in the future.

I have some TPR video.

I hope you enjoy this. :)
Have a Happy day!