Friday, August 19, 2011

Japanese poem

Konoyo wa watashi ga watashi ni naru tokoro
Anata ga anata ni naru tokoro

I be myself,you be yourself in this life. :)

kyou mo Happy na ichinichi wo!
今日もハッピーな一日を!Have a happy day!

Ai wo komete,

Kono yo この世(よ) his world; this (present) life
Naru なる  Become
Tokoro ところ  place

I think Japanese People think more of other people's feelings and what they think.
Most people listen to other people's opinion first and decide their own.
Because they are afraid someone else doesnt like their opinion.
shoutoku Taishi said "Harmony is to be valued, and an avoidance of wanton opposition to be honored." 聖徳太子 曰(いわ)く「以和為貴。無忤為宗。」→和をなによりも大切なものとし、いさかいをおこさぬことを根本としなさい。

Have a Happy day!
Love yourself,Love your life!
You are wonderful as always! :)


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