Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to use my Lesson

How to use my Lessons(Podcast)

First time, just listen. Then, listen and pause after each question if you need.
In this lesson, you will listen to a story with a lot of questions.
Answer each question loudly in Japanese, then play again.
Donʼt worry if you donʼt understand everything.
Donʼt worry about mistakes.

In the Story, I will do only three things:
1. I will make a statement. After a statement, just say, “Ahhhh” or “Ohhhh”.

2.I will ask a question that you know the answer to. Just answer the question. You donʼt need to answer with a sentence. You can answer with only one or two words.

3.I will ask a question that you donʼt know the answer to. Guess. Yell a guess

Again, you can guess with just one (or a few) words.
Saying a correct and exact answer is not important.
The most important thing is speed.
Try to answer very quickly (remember, one word is fine). Speed is your goal. You want
short fast answers, not long answers! In the beginning, this may be difficult. Thatʼs OK. Use your pause button.

Listen to this lesson many times every day for at least a week.

Enjoy listening! :)
Love you.



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